QuoteThis ebook is a comprehensive "Work at Home" guide. It covers the working at home industry thru the perspective of a service provider. Not your traditional affiliate marketing ebook or get rich-quick scheme. Even though some of the information is targeted directly to American readers the ebook brings relevant tips for anyone in the world interested in working at home. Precise information about the marketing, how things work, where to learn skills and more. The table of contents most important topics in my opinion are:

  • W2 Employees Vs. Independent Contractors
  • Who Works From Home, and Why
  • Setting Up Your Home Office
  • Watch Out For the Scam
  • Landing the Job

After all the information you will have access to a Job Directory tailored for anyone looking for legit opportunities. According to the ebook team they have discarded any job opportunities that require "pay-to-work" and some other fishy type of companies.

The ebook is very well written and organized. If you are not from the United States you should take into account that the information might not be 100% useful for non-US readers. Other than that I completely recommend this great ebook.

- Andre Vitorio,

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