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It's sorta like the Yellow Pages of home jobs...

With easy access to over 100 employers who regularly hire at-home professionals, Ready, Set, Work! truly is the ultimate work from home guide and job directory. There is literally something for everyone, with jobs such as: customer service, tech support, sales, medical transcription, writing, teaching, web & graphics design, accounting, virtual assistants, and more. We've meticulously researched each and every employer to ensure you are only presented with legitimate work from home opportunities.

Who can benefit from this book

Anyone looking for a work at home job can benefit from this guide, including: stay-at-home moms, disabled people, semi-retired people, college students; even people who are already employed and are looking for part-time work to supplement their income. Working from home offers convenience, flexibility, and allows you to spend more time with your family. Added bonus: no more long commutes, high gas prices, and worrying about what to wear to work each day!

What you need to get started working from home

A computer, telephone line, and high-speed internet connection is usually all you need to get started. Some jobs require a headset and basic home office equipment such as: printer, fax, and water cooler (just kidding). We have an entire chapter dedicated to setting up your home office and another chapter that covers everything you need to know before apply for the job.

Find the job you want FAST!

Our job directory is easily searchable using keywords. No need to waste time sorting through jobs you're not interested in. Simply type a keyword (e.g. "writing") and cycle through all of the jobs matching your keyword.

Here is what you will find in Ready, Set, Work!

We know once you download our book, you're going to skip straight to the job directory. And we're cool with that. But there is also a ton of useful information contained in this book that covers everything from 'why companies hire home workers' to 'what it means to be an independent contractor.' We've even included some home-business startup ideas for those with a more entrepreneurial spirit. Check out the table of contents below and see for yourself.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: The Home-shoring Revolution
  • Chapter 3: How Does It Work
  • Chapter 4: Independent Contractors vs W2 Employees
  • Chapter 5: Who Works from Home and Why
  • Chapter 6: Setting Up Your Home Office
  • Chapter 7: Watch Out for the Scam
  • Chapter 8: Landing the Job
  • Chapter 9: The 110 Page Job Directory
  • Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Jobs
  • Chapter 11: For the Entrepreneur In You
  • Chapter 12: Low-Cost Startup Ideas
  • Chapter 13: Considering a Franchise?
  • Chapter 14: Ten Franchises You can Start from Home
  • Chapter 15: Franchise Directories
  • Chapter 16: Glossary of Terms
  • Chapter 17: Final Thoughts

So what are you waiting for? Get the instantly downloadable eBook now for only $34.95 $29.95 - along with free updates, plus our 30-day money-back guarantee - and within minutes you can be on your way to a new career... from home!

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